Intake Interview (all NEW clients)    $0
                                                              $50 second time if the first was a no call/show
Registration Fee (all NEW clients)    $50

1-on-1 Tutoring Sessions
55 minute session    $55
45 minute session    $45
30 minute session    $35

Small Group Tutoring Sessions
1:2        60 minute session     $40/student
1:3        1 hour Learning Pod $30/student

Students enjoy specialized tutoring with one of our highly qualified tutors. Individualized plans are developed over time, and custom learning goals will be set (and met!). No matter what your student needs help with, or skills they would like to develop, these tutoring sessions will meet your student’s needs.

Half hour sessions tend to work better for younger students, or students who might not be used to long stretches of individualized learning.

Hour long sessions work best for older students who are beginning to study more complex or difficult ideas. Additionally, because the tutor spends more time with the student, they have more of an opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with your student, and in turn, develop a stronger and more supportive curriculum.

If you know that your student works well in pairs, or has a friend who could use the same support, then a one-on-two session is the best session economically, and academically.

A student may audit 1 session for free!

Consultation Fee                                                                $55
Test Proctoring Fee                                                           $45/hr (capped at 2 hours charge)
Basic Dyslexia Screening                                                  $200
Bus / School Pick-Up with Tutoring Session                 $0
Bus / School Pick-Up without Tutoring Session           $20 (requires at least 1 session that week)
Parent Classes                                                                   $50/hour
Art Classes (minimum 3 kids – projects vary)               $20 – $50 depending on project

24 hours notice (first occurrence in 45 days)                  $0
24 hours notice (second occurrence in 45 days)            Half Price
24 hours notice (after second occurrence in 45 days)  Full Price
Less than 24 hours (first occurrence)                                Half Price
Less than 24 hours (after first occurrence)                      Full Price
No Call/Show                                                                         Full Price
(ILCNW reserves the right to charge half/full price for repetitive and habitual cancellations – please be mindful when scheduling. Thanks in advance!)