Adult Tutoring

Whether you are going back to obtain your GED, prepping for your GRE, or looking to apply for a vocational occupation training, Impact Learning Center is the first step you should take toward your academic success. We offer adult instruction, and understand that the same strategies and skills needed to tutor children are not the same as working with adults. We can accommodate the odd hours of working adults, can meet mid-day or after work.

Additionally, we also offer software training on popular programs like Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Recently, we have also worked with students interested in the ASFAB test for military entrance and written driving tests.

Full Price Breakdown

Ratio   Length            Price
1:1     45 minutes     $35
1:1     60 minutes     $45
1:2     60 minutes     $33.50/student
1:3     75 minutes     $28/student
1:4     90 minutes     $22.50/student