Home School Support

At Impact Learning Center, we offer and can help supplement the teaching of subjects that parents may feel they need help in. We offer home-schooled students instruction between the hours of 10AM-2PM Monday – Friday, grades K-8th.

The Impact Learning Center is an offical home school testing center, licensed by the Oregon Department of Education. Being an offical ODE proctoring center, we offer the following approved exams:

  • California Achievement Test
  • Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills/Tests of Achievement and Proficiency
  • Metropolitan Achievement Battery
  • Stanford Achievement Test Battery

All tests are $40 + a proctoring fee of $35 per hour

We have worked with students from:

  • Aventa
  • Connections Academy
  • MetroEast Web Academy
  • Summit Charter Learning (Formally Estacada Web)
  • Oregon Trail School District
  • Sandy High School Blended Learning Center
  • BYU Online
  • Saxon Math
  • A Beka Academy
  • Singapore Math
  • Rey Academy

Full Price Breakdown

Ratio   Length                                              Price
1:1       60 minutes)                                     $40
1:1       45 minutes (Elementary Only)     $30
1:1       30 minutes (Elementary Only)     $25
1:2       60 minutes                                      $30/student
1:3       75 minutes                                      $25/student
1:4       90 minutes)                                     $20/student